Case Studies

Case Studies

Wondering what holistic treatments are like? These case studies may help to take the guesswork out of holistic therapies. We are always working towards the most whole body/mind solution for our clients taking into account their nutritional, microbiomal, physical, mental and emotional needs. (All identities have been changed to protect our  clients.)



Gerald presented with dangerously high blood pressure. His doctor was so concerned for his health that he gave him limited time to live. He was quite overweight and had other co-morbidities. Gerald was very concerned and upset. He had been a part of our group exercise program but hadn't been very consistent. He decided to take everything more seriously and altered his diet, participated in the water therapy class three times a week and walked every other day. Within six months, Gerald's blood pressure had come back down into the normal range, he had lost some weight around the middle and he was able to smile more because his life was no longer under threat.



Angela came to the clinic because she was wanting to lose weight. When we talked for a little while it became apparent there were other reasons she needed our help. She was a single mum and wanted to know how to give her kids a better life than she had experienced. She needed support and encouragement to help her complete tasks she had started that were incomplete, and most of all, she needed more contact with a stable environment to help her manage her depression.  We helped Angela with nutritional counselling, TalkTime therapy, goal setting and accountability reporting. Angela made good strides ahead and eventually was able to go-it-alone without our help.

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When Pamela came to work with us she was overweight but also undernourished. Her diet had consisted of mostly processed foods for twenty years. She had a very limited range of movement and was prone to falling. She also suffered from depression and severe constipation.

Pamela was put on a whole food diet and 

assisted with food preparation, juicing and shopping for ingredients. She also joined our water therapy class, started a walking program and joined our companion program. Within six months, she was looking slimmer, fitter and was more well than she had been for a very long time. She was no longer falling over because her balance had returned and she was more stable in every other way.

Elegant Older Woman


Darlene came to us with Parkinson's disease. She had many limitations but was very keen to upgrade the quality of her life, to contribute in whatever way she could to improving her body and to give her husband some time out from caring for her. She knew that as she got older her Parkinson's would get worse. We commenced a private water therapy class to increase her musce tone and offered her Talktime therapy every week. This gave her four hours a week where she was working pro-actively towards her quality of life and that gave her husband the same amount of time to rest.



When Zack came to us he was very sad and in great distress. He had a young family and he and his wife were separating due to her mental illness. He needed help to sort through what was in his head and what he needed to do to be able to care for his children. 

After four weeks of Man Talk sessions, Zack felt stronger and more able to make the necessary, hard decisions. He has done a great job of raising his family and he is a happy man.