Lockdown Letdown - it's a real thing.

Since March 2020 when the name Covid-19 started to become a regular part of the vocabulary of people around the world, the devastating effects of the these words and their consequences have been reeking havoc with the nervous systems of everyone affected.

Many people are beginning to experience the body and mind affects of the constant stress. Children and adults alike are navigating the continual ups and downs of the brain chemicals released every time there is a change, or an expected change that doesn't happen. Lockdown Letdown is the term I've given to what I'm seeing - millions of people let down by a high stress burden, constant change and disappointment, isolation from friends and families and the loss of jobs, homes and freedoms.

Lockdown Letdown isn't just a one size-fits-all problem. It's highly individual and can affect people across the spectrum of mental distress and instability in multiple ways. It can be described as any combination of the following:

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • anger/rage/violence

  • grief

  • low self worth

  • adrenal exhaustion

  • rebellion/rejection

Each of these disorders has it's own set of symptoms but, in general, the symptoms of Lockdown Letdown are as follows:

  • lack of motivation

  • finding it hard to concentrate

  • lacking interest in things you usually enjoy

  • feeling over-alert or hyper-vigilant

  • feeling hopeless or helpless

  • feeling like you have lost your ability to choose and decide your own destiny

While the dangers of Covid-19 are great and the restrictions necessary, the affect on the mental health of our nation and people the world over must be acknowledged and addressed.

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