Family Trauma

Many of the people I treat, present with depression. They are often vague about their symptoms. Some say they have lost their zest for life; some say they can't feel anything, even anything good; and others blame circumstances or other people in their lives for how they fee. Many, if not most, are self-medicating with alcohol. During their initial session they are usually very superficial and sometimes a little dismissive regarding their symptoms and tell a story about their current concerns. By the time they have their second consultation, they are relaxing a bit more and letting a few more clues fall into their big picture. By the third visit, trust has been built and the truth starts to come out in some volume.

Whenever you treat people on scale, meaning lots of people, you see patterns emerge. A pattern that I have seen often is this pattern of depression and substance abuse being linked to a history of family abuse. Everyone's beginnings are the same but all are not equal. The person who has an abuse-free upbringing is rare, although they do exist. More common are those who have experienced physical, mental, emotional and sexual abuse.

Treating lots of people with family abuse has led me to recognise, not just the patterns in the people, but also patterns in the treatments. As a result I have created programs specifically targeting personal esteem destroying beliefs and trauma-increasing habits. Abuse of any kind, alters the way the brain works. Experienced early in life, it can interfere with learning as a result of the stress response and it can create the script for a person's life that may or may not actually be what they desire.

Abuse itself embeds scripts into the subconscious that are lived out daily. The only way to interrupt these scripts is to intercept them. Most of the people I see are living out scripts written for them by their parents, teachers or other "so-called"carers. They are like flower buds destroyed before they could open. Parts of them are laying dormant, (usually their unique gifts and talents) while other parts are dominating and destoying their lives.

The pathway to healing can be quite scary for these people as they work through facing these lies and changing them. The wonderful thing is that change is possible. I have seen some beautiful flowers bloom from damaged buds. Having an "anything is possible" attitude is imperative to change and healing, and believing in yourself is easier when you have someone else believing in you as well.

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