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Winning With Menopause

Understanding Your Personal Pathway Through Menopause

Winning Instead of Losing

Menopause can be a tumultuous time for women as they navigate the new changes their body is going through - changes they don't recognise as their own. For many women, menopause is a time of loss; loss of the ability to bear children, loss of concentration, loss of body shape and weight, loss of sexual response and libido, loss of control of body functions like hot flushes, sweats and emotional stability, and loss the self. For the most part, many women go through these changes on their own. Support for women going through menopause is patchy at best. Most women rely on talking to their friends, reading books or just getting through it the best they can. What if there was another way? What if you could learn about the specifics of what is happening with your body, talk about it freely with a group of women just like you or talk about it privately with someone whose going through it - just like you.

Menopause means change, usually more change than you expect. Being able to talk about those changes can be really helpful. Winning With Menopause is coming soon and will be available as a course, group coaching sessions and individual coaching sessions.

Women will learn about:

  • How to regain control of your body

  • How to feel more stable emotionally

  • How to improve fatigue and get more sleep

  • How to reduce hot flushes

  • How to sweat less

  • How to feel like you have it together rather than feeling like you're falling apart

  • How to manage food, weight and exercise to help stop weight increasing and help you to regain your self confidence

Winning With Menopause is all about winning; feeling better, being empowered and not feeling like you are going through menopause alone. If you need help with menopause, get in touch. The course will be available soon and individual coaching is available now. You don't have to suffer in silence any longer. Reach out today for support and get on the winning side of menopause.

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