Holistic Support Program

Taking the whole person into consideration

Are you looking for holistic support for your participants?

Make their day the holistic way



Looking for diet, food preparation or nutritional advice?


Looking for exercise programs,
water therapy
or personal training?


Looking for coaching programs, courses or excursions?

Do you have a heart to contribute to the lives of others, especially those who can't make a difference for themselves?
The part you play in the lives of your participants is so important. They look up to you so you can really impact them in significant ways. Adding an Holistic Support Program to their life-journey can have fantastic health benefits and make significant inroads into helping them to make better life choices for themselves. 

At Holistic Healthcare Services we understand that every body needs a healthy approach to life. That's why we offer nutritional, probiotic, movement, mental/mind and emotional support to participants and their families. There are so many ways to improve the quality of life for your clients. We can work with you to create a program that is just right for each individual whether they need to learn how to "do it themselves" or
"have it done for them".
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Our Core Values - individuality, forward-moving, time/pace and self-improvemement.

Our Story

Holistic Healthcare Services was started in 2016 with a view to creating a service opportunity for people to access nutritional, probiotic, movement, mind and emotional treatments with an holistic approach to wellness and improving the quality of life. 

Our core values were to treat each person individually, to create treatmant plans to help them move forward and to give them the time they needed to work at their own pace while still being encouraged towards self-improvement.

We've seen wonderful advancements in our regular clients.

The most interesting change we've seen is the improvement in mental health once clients are associated with a group of people they expect to see regularly.

It gives them an opportunity to make friends, build trust and feel good about themselves by achieving togther. It also gives them something to look forward to no matter what their skill level is.

The Holistic Support Program is tailored to each client's needs and abilities.

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