“Feeling well is as much a state of the mind as a state of the body.”

About Holistic Healthcare Services

Holistic Healthcare Services offers many services all in the same place. We work very much on an individual prescription for each client so that each person's problems are attended to in the most efficient manner - but sometimes this does take time.

We believe that to feel complete you need to engage in complete care. That's why we take into consideration your diet, the condition  of your gut microbiome, your ability to move and lubricate your body, the mind and how it is affected by stress, your personal wellbeing and how that is affected by how you feel inside your skin.

We want to see all of our clients grow, glow and flow.

My Story


When I was in high school, I realised I had a real interest in nutrition. About the same time, my Dad became sick with a mental imbalance. I said to him that there may be something he could do nutritionally to help his condition. He said he had spoken to the doctors and they had told him that there was nothing that could help and that he would have to take medication.


In 1993, my Dad became ill with leukaemia. Again, I said to him that there would be nutritional changes he could make that would help support him through the disease. Unfortunately, he didn’t want help and he died in 2000. That didn’t dampen my spirit for finding life-changing answers for people suffering from mental illness and disease. 


I was on a mission. I went on to find answers in nutrition, naturopathy, wellness coaching, neuro-linguistic programming, neuro emotional therapies, hypnotherapy, GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome), exercise and counselling. I just knew there had to be a better way to treat disease.


I now work with people to help them find the most natural pathway to healing the body, the mind and the soul. I see the body as one entity whose many parts contribute to disease. By focusing treatments on those parts that need tweaking, the healing journey becomes more holistic and integrative.


During my eight years of practice I have continually added modalities to fill out my knowledge so that I could gain the best possible picture of how my clients could improve. I have seen some wonderful transformations take place for beautiful people just like you.


Working with people holistically is so rewarding. Each person is different, so each of my clients has their own, individual treatment plan that leads them on to success.

Now, with the help of diet, probiotics, exercise and talking therapies, many people can be helped through mental imbalances without medication. Some people still need medication but can greatly benefit from incorporating the other modalities into their treatment plan.