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Psychosocial Recovery Coach

Getting through this difficult time can be tricky. People say they're feeling aimless, purposeless, lost and frustrated. Are you finding it hard to accept all the changes?  Feeling like your routine has grown wings and flown away? Talking to a coach can help you pull out the positives and gain a new perspective. When things change there are always some things that stay the same.

Lockdown Letdown Recovery Coaching

Do you feel like you need help to get through lockdown? Are you feeling isolated and alone? Maintaining your mental health and personal strength is really important right now.

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Finding your path to healing can feel like a never-ending journey.
We understand that you want to feel better as soon as possible.
Our proven pathway can get you to where you want to be,
with the help and support you need,
to strengthen, fortify and maintain
your health and well-being.

Client Treatment Pathway

We believe that everything is connected so when you come to us for treatment
we look at the big picture.


What are you eating?


How is your gut working?


​How much are you moving?


What's it like inside your head?


How do you feel on the inside?

When one thing
affects another
it's important to work with
all the pieces of the puzzle

What People Say

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Wellness Coach

Your exercise classes have helped me lose weight and become well again...

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I don't know where I'd be without your help...

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You have helped me to feel better about myself and to get back into life again...